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The Man I Met !

There he was all energetic greened eyed with a cute smile .

Call it my destiny or anything I thought that he was meant for me .
I was mystically attracted towards him , a pull just taking my eyes towards him everytime I took them off him.
I was lucky enough to have spent time with him .
Perfect in every way I could imagine , cute smile ; Mesmerizing eyes , in which I could just plunge myself and swim till infinitude.
In which you could see nothing but also could see and feel everything!After driving for nearly hours my body was just ready to pounce on bed and sleep ,
But yet again there he was with a cute smile , and the body felt rejuvenated by a elixir of happyness ,wonder and excitement!!
The sleep had forgotten it’s ‘sleep’
The thirst had forgotten it’s ‘thirst’
And the hunger had forgotten it’s ‘hunger’
And all I wanted to do was to spend time with him and talk with him .
And there was a again destiny on its way for my help .
There he was standing there with sun rays failing on his soft radiant skin .
A glowing golden line cutting his dimple visible on his cheeks complimenting his beauty!!
And there I stood experiencing one of the most beautiful master piece. “Nemo-My favorite feeling